Arizona Historical Society-Let’s Make History Books to read


      AMBUSH AT BLOODY RUN: THE WHAM PAYMASTER ROBBERY OF 1889 by Larry D. Ball.   2000, 206 pp.., maps, illus.  ISBN  0-910037-40-X.  $34.95  hard-cover

      ANTRIM IS MY STEPFATHER’S NAME: THE BOYHOOD OF BILLY THE KID by Jerry Weddle.  Forward by Robert M. Utley.  1993, 94 pp, maps, illus.   ISBN 0-910037-31-0  $16.95 soft-cover

      ARIZONA’S COWBOY CAVALRY: A PHOTOGRAPHIC HISTORY OF THE ARIZONA ROUGH RIDERS by Charles H. Herner.  1998, 23 pp., illus.  $5.00 soft-cover. 

      BEFORE REBELLION: LETTERS & REPORTS OF JACOBO SEDELMAYER, S. J.  translated by Donald Matson, with an introduction and annotations by Bernard L. Fontana.   1996, 96 pp., maps.  ISBN 0-910037-37-X,  $65,00 hard-cover. 

      CAMP RENO: OUTPOST IN APACHERIA 1867-1870 by Jim Schrier.  Forward by Dan Thrapp.  1992, 77 pp., maps, illus.  ISBN 0-910037. $14.95 soft-cover

      CAVALRY YELLOW & INFANTRY BLUE: ARMY OFFICERS IN ARIZONA BETWEEN 1851 AND 1886 by Constance Wynn Altshuler  1991, 406 pp.  ISBN 0-910037.  $45.00 hard-cover

      Arizona Historical Society

     Publications Division, Arizona HistoricalSociety, 949 E. 2nd St., Tucson, Az. 85719-4898

     Orders must be paid in advance.   Check or money order payable to the Arizona Historical Society, or with your complete credit card in information. 

     Shipping and handling: $3.00 first book, $1.00 each additional book.

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