Felicitas Maria Sokec-Tonight WOMANSPEAK, “DESERT VOICES” radio broadcast KFAI, Minneapolis

Greetings all!
      I am writing because I thought you may want to know about this latest project.    It hasn’t been done before at KFAI, at least not on an on-going basis.
      Program name:  WomenSpeak

If you are in Minnesota:  10pm-10:30pm
If you are in Tucson:        8pm-8:30pm
If you are in Japan:          not sure
If you are in New York:    11pm-11:30pm (please verify for your area)
If you are in Oregon:         not sure
If you are in California:     7pm-7:30pm (please verify for your area)

      I have been invited to participate as one of the panel members… I have accepted. 
The other two panel members are Rmay Rivard and Clara NiiSka.
      Clara NiiSka is the web mistress for our show.
      We each take a turn producing a show each week.  This week (tonight) is my turn.
      Rmay Rivard will be my engineer in the studio at KFAI, Minneapolis.  I will be calling in my show from Tucson.
      I’ve entitled my segment of WomanSpeak, “Desert Voices”.  Every three weeks I will be bringing women’s voices from the desert to KFAI listeners near and far.
      If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to listen to Amy Goodman’s
“DemocracyNow!” broadcast from yesterday, Monday April 27th.    You can do so by going to www.democracynow.org and click on the headlines for Monday, April 27th.    I am encouraging you to listen to this broadcast in particular because she was here in Tucson Sunday night (I went to see her at the Tucson Convention Center) and broadcast her daily report from KUAT in Tucson on Monday.    During this broadcast she gave an excellent accounting of what it is like to live in Tucson with the Mexico/US border wars.   This is the backdrop against which I am conducting the interviews with some of the women guests for my segment of the WomenSpeak program (Desert Voices).
      Just an FYI:  when I first moved to Minneapolis in 1978 I used my middle name, Maria, because folks were having such a difficulty pronouncing “Felicitas”.   When I moved to Tucson in 2006 I reclaimed my first name.    However, due to everyone “up there” still knowing me by my middle name (Maria)… that is the name I will be using on the show.
      Tonight I will be interviewing Dea Brasgalla, a 76-year-old lesbian activist who continues to carry the torch for her work.  RIGHT ON, Dea!!!
      For Minneapolis/St. Paul residents:  If you are able to listen on the radio tonight, you can tune in to 90.3FM on the Minneapolis side of the river, or 106.7FM on the St. Paul side of the river.
      For everyone else:  If you can’t tune in on the radio, you can listen to live streaming on your computer by going to:  www.kfai.org  and click on the “listen now” button.  
      Viva la people’s radio!
      See you tonight on the radio!

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