Cherokee Sky- DIRTY LAUNDRY, a poem

      Cherokee Sky


Eternity seeks screaming why,
Six decades transitionally fly.

Dirty laundry, family and friend,
Tarnished innocence never to mend.

Unspeakable hushes from who cherish,
Hush little girl or you may parish.

Dirty laundry hidden by vanity,
Buried in peace lies with my sanity.

Unspeakable silence behind crying eyes,
All exists, all has been, and truth now flies.

Dirty laundry upon soul sets heavy,
Tears held back could burst any levy.

Unspeakable once spoken, can they not see,
My heart, my soul, oh so broken I must flee.

Eternity seeks still screaming why,
Six decades, Angels to transitionally fly.
       I was born into the time zone where we were told, hush, we don’t air our dirty laundry in public.  Child abuse of any kind was treated much like someone with epilepsy.  It was hushed, hidden away, no one was allowed to tell.   Why wouldn’t they believe a child who never lied.  Fathers can abuse the innocents of their charges.    Innocent ones have Angels watching over, carrying them through.   I write from within, life can have many road blocks.  If one gets knocked down or trips and falls, it is we who the Angels teach to fly.
      Cherokee Sky

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