(Note: Last night I discovered the following “clip” on the net.  I could tell that it was inspired by a past blog of mine.  I welcome the satire.  I accept the anger, and maybe I deserve it.  I don’t know.  Writers are poor judges of their own work.  I am not the author of this piece, though I wish I had written it.  It has a Filipino ring that I lack because I suspect that the true author of the piece is Filipino.  I encourage all comments.  I embrace this author.  And if I am guilty of “stereotyping,” I’m glad someone has called me on it.  I only have two main sources: imagination and memory.  And I must admit that sometimes my imagination gets the better of me.  I encourage the author of the piece to step out of the shadows.  Maybe in sharing we can help each other.  I can use all the help I can get.  Randy Ford)
April 03

Randy Ford Author-on Filipino clip

      Sometimes everything looked to halt and there was no dependable docket or no agenda the least bit.   I can be more specific.   I will state that this was particularly true in Asia.   Every clip our restlessness merely baffled us more.   I make n’t recall that we were ever warned that we were in for a long postponement.   But I can truthfully state we were n’t steel onself for such a deficiency of regard for clip.

It was like this for us because of our upbringing.   Both of us ( Nog and I ) were bring around to get on clip and valued promptness.   We wore tickers.   Repasts were at a set clip.   So schools were run that mode ( prompt ), and being belatedly for family meant detainment.   Clip in usa was e’er denominate, and when we ran into spots where that was n’t so, it doed us nearly squall.   Sometimes we cognized the ground for the postponement, and sometimes we maked n’t.   Sometimes we shoulded wait for a double-decker to fill upwardly, sometimes for the tide to come in; sometimes coaches merely maked n’t run on vacations, and we were ne’er sayed how long we would need to wait.

This was the instance on Easter in Luzon.   We holded selected to tour the island during the Vacations.   For the connectedness we need to do, the charabanc maked n’t come all day; daylong we sat.   And sat, afraid we ‘d lose it.   The motorbuses maked n’t get to run again until the terminal of the day, but course, we were n’t sayed this.   Whenever we inquired somebody when the charabanc would come, the only response we got was “ later.   ” And mayhap because of this, and many other similar incidents, we acquired trueness signification of Filipino clip.   These people would absolutely be xxx transactions belatedly.   They maintained clip factorisation that in.   When I consider about this, this percept ( notice I tell “ percept ” and not “ fact ” ) does me experience angry.   I say I could ‘ve accommodated.   Then again, I say that there could ‘ve been a deficiency of substance to the conception of Filipino clip… and if that were true, I would n’t be happy with myself.   Stereotyping was a component of our experience that I detested.

Randy Ford

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