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Pan Left Productions-Directors’ Close-Up Brunch

Directors’ Close-Up Brunch
Pan Left Productions


You are invited to celebrate Pan Left’s 15th Birthday at our Directors’s Close-Up Brunch and other events. At the brunch you will enjoy music by Courtney Robbins, eat at the tasty brunch buffet, bid on items in the silent auction, and listen to stories of how Pan Left is working for change in our communities.

We are requesting RSVPs by Thursday, April 9th. RSVP now by visiting our website. I look forward to seeing you at the brunch.

Mary Charlotte Thurtle


Directors’ Close-Up Brunch

Sunday, April 26
10:30 am
Pastiche Modern Eatery
3025 N. Campbell Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85719
2009 brunch logo

Join us for a unique fundraising brunch where you will have the opportunity to be CLOSE-UP with our film and video directors.

10:30 am Enjoy the musical stylings of Courtney Robbins (www.courtneyrobbins.com). Begin bidding on the silent auction. Delight in Pastiche’s brunch buffet.

11:30 am Our Pan Left Program begins. Enjoy meeting the Pan Left filmmakers and watch 15 years on film! Hear stories of how our Pan Left mission is making change for individuals, communities, and beyond.

Individual tickets are $35 and tables of 10 are $350. Half of each ticket price is tax deductible. You can purchase tickets online on our website. Or, print the RSVP and mail in your check to Pan Left Productions, 631 S. 6th Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85701.



For More Info
(520) 792-9171


Other Upcoming 15th Anniversary Events!
2009 brunch logo
Pan Left at the Arizona International Film Festival
Sunday, April 19
The Screening Room

1:00 pm 15 Years of the Video Revolution: A Pan Left Retrospective

3:00 pm Speak for Yourself: Youth in media arts panel

4:30 pm Speak for Yourself: Filmworks by Youth

more information

Represent! Our Collective Body
Art show and Auction
Friday, May 1
6 pm
Dinnerware Gallery

Calexico Concert to benefit Pan Left
Saturday May 2
Rialto Theater

Also featuring Sergio Mendoza y la Okestra and Salvador Duran
Purchase tickets now

For more information: panleft@panleft.org


Join Our Mailing List!



Since 1994, Pan Left has connected activists and artists in community. Our mission is to create and distribute media that exposes viewers to social and political issues.


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Society of Southwestern Authors Web Workshop-Saturday, May 2, 2009

      Research-every writer needs to find reliable information at one time or another.  But where do you look?  And how can you be sure it’s accurate information?  Join use from 1:00-3:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 2nd, and learn the basic of acquiring govenment records in researching a book project.  University of Arizona School of Jounalism assistant professor David Cuillier, Ph.D. will show you how, including whre to find documents online, and offer tips for hundreds of public records, that can be useful in research and everyday life.  David teaches public affairs reporting, database journalism, and access to government information.  His is chairman of the Freedom of Information Committee for the Society of Professional Journalist and conducts research in access to government documents. 

      Deadline to register is April 29.  Cost for the workshop is $15 and includes beverages.  Call the SSA reservation line at 546-9382 or email forums@ssa-az.org

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Janet Perlman-Southwest Indexing

Janet Perlman, Southwest Indexing

E-mail: jperiman@aol.com

Website: www.sw-indexing.com

Areas of expertise: scientific, medical, engineering materials, and Spanish-language materials

      Janet provides indexing services in English and Spanish to publishers, packagers, production houses, authors, and professional organizations.

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Laura Markowitz-Versatile Writing and Editing Services

Laura Markowitz-Versatile Writing and Editing Service

E-mail: Lmarkowitz@aol.com

Website: www.LauraMarkowitz.com

      Areas of expertise: psychology, family therapy, Eastern thought, ecology/enviornment, permaculture, and diversity/civil rights, among others

      As an aware-winning writer and editor, Laura has versatile skills and offers a wide range of services to clients.  She edits and ghostwrites manuscripts and book proposals, writes and edits newsletters and grant narratives for nonprofit organizations, and creates and edits Web content and marketing materials for businesses.  She has also edited musicals, science fiction and poetry for clients.

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         (Note: Last night I discovered the following “clip” on the net.  I could tell that it was inspired by a past blog of mine.  I welcome the satire.  I accept the anger, and maybe I deserve it.  I don’t know.  Writers are poor judges of their own work.  I am not the author of this piece, though I wish I had written it.  It has a Filipino ring that I lack because I suspect that the true author of the piece is Filipino.  I encourage all comments.  I embrace this author.  And if I am guilty of “stereotyping,” I’m glad someone has called me on it.  I only have two main sources: imagination and memory.  And I must admit that sometimes my imagination gets the better of me.  I encourage the author of the piece to step out of the shadows.  Maybe in sharing we can help each other.  I can use all the help I can get.  Randy Ford) 
April 03

Randy Ford Author-on Filipino clip

      Sometimes everything looked to halt and there was no dependable docket or no agenda the least bit.   I can be more specific.   I will state that this was particularly true in Asia.   Every clip our restlessness merely baffled us more.   I make n’t recall that we were ever warned that we were in for a long postponement.   But I can truthfully state we were n’t steel onself for such a deficiency of regard for clip.

      It was like this for us because of our upbringing.   Both of us ( Nog and I ) were bring around to get on clip and valued promptness.   We wore tickers.   Repasts were at a set clip.   So schools were run that mode ( prompt ), and being belatedly for family meant detainment.   Clip in usa was e’er denominate, and when we ran into spots where that was n’t so, it doed us nearly squall.   Sometimes we cognized the ground for the postponement, and sometimes we maked n’t.   Sometimes we shoulded wait for a double-decker to fill upwardly, sometimes for the tide to come in; sometimes coaches merely maked n’t run on vacations, and we were ne’er sayed how long we would need to wait.

      This was the instance on Easter in Luzon.   We holded selected to tour the island during the Vacations.   For the connectedness we need to do, the charabanc maked n’t come all day; daylong we sat.   And sat, afraid we ‘d lose it.   The motorbuses maked n’t get to run again until the terminal of the day, but course, we were n’t sayed this.   Whenever we inquired somebody when the charabanc would come, the only response we got was “ later.   ” And mayhap because of this, and many other similar incidents, we acquired trueness signification of Filipino clip.   These people would absolutely be xxx transactions belatedly.   They maintained clip factorisation that in.   When I consider about this, this percept ( notice I tell “ percept ” and not “ fact ” ) does me experience angry.   I say I could ‘ve accommodated.   Then again, I say that there could ‘ve been a deficiency of substance to the conception of Filipino clip… and if that were true, I would n’t be happy with myself.   Stereotyping was a component of our experience that I detested.

Randy Ford

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The Society of Southwestern Authors- Author Jennifer Lee Carrell speaking at April 19 Forum


      Our April 19th Forum will feature NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author, Jennifer Lee Carrel discussing the ways in which facts and real events establish credibility in fabricated stories through the process of writing, historically inflected fiction, as well as the imaginative process of using place.  She is the author of INTERRED WITH THEIR BONES, a Shakespearean thriller that hit the bestseller list of both the NEW YORK TIMES and the SUNDAY TIMES of London, and published in 29 languages.  A new Kate Stanley thriller titled HAUNT ME STILL is due out in October. 

      Jennifer grew up here in Tucson, graduating from Rincon High School, and holds her Ph.D in English and American Literature from Harvard University, as well as other degrees in English Literature from Oxford and Stanford Universities.  She won three awards for distinction in undergraduate teaching at Harvard, where she taught in the History and Literature Program and directed Shakespeare for the Hyperion Theatre Company.  Her first book, THE SPECKLED MONSTER, is a thriller-like work of historical nonfiction about battling smallpox at the beginning of the eighteenth century.  Much more information is available on her web site: www.jenniferleecarrell.com

      Reserve your seat by April 16th.  Call 546-9382 or email forum@ssa-az.org

      Forums are held at Four Points Sheraton (Speedway and Campbell Tucson 11:30-2:00 p.m, third Sunday of the month.  Please R.S.V.P. by Wednesday before Forum

      $25 paid at the door includes lunch and speaker

      Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors Vol. 37. No 2.  April and May 2009

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Jonathan Jucker-copy editor and proofreader

Jonathan Jucker

E-mail jonjucker@hotmail.com

      As a copy editor and proofreader of academic papers and business materials, Jonathan helps authors polish their writing so as to present a clear, accurate, concise expression  of their ideas.  His job is to make writing shine, to assist writers in expressing ideas effectively, and to tailor writer’s work to their audience.  As an added facility, he is fluent in French and Spanish and conversant in Portuguese, so he can refer to originals when he edits translations.  He is also on staff as a copy editor at INSIDE MEXICO, the most widely read English language magazine in Mexico


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