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Randy-Author on as far from home as possible

      But, why not?   But this would mean not going directly home (in the States) after our stint in the Philippines; to take the little money we had saved, fly to Singapore, buy bicycles, and start our tour from there was the lure.   This idea of traveling extensively came from a world traveler we met in the Sulus.   It was rooted in his adventure, his hiking across Borneo and through the Khyber Pass.

      The idea was mine: remained mine.   My wife, Peggy, went along with it, even though she wasn’t a bicycling enthusiast.   Not the adventurous type; or-more than that- easily frightened by the unknown, she surprised people who knew her when she agreed to live overseas.   Peggy was not by nature a traveler; nor would that change.   When I would later say after we had resettled in Arizona, I would like to see some place out of the country she would say “I haven lost anything there.”

      In my argument for dragging her around it follows that as obsessed as I was with travel that I would overlook her need for security.   It was the big thing that separated us.   I dove ahead with my plans without really discussing it with her.   I assumed…made a lot of assumptions, which would continue for eight years until we ended up in Arizona.   That she went along with it without dragging her heels didn’t mean she enjoyed it as much as I did.   It didn’t mean she was obsessed with bicycle touring; quite the opposite was true.   With something new everyday, I’m not sure how much that fact kept her from enjoying any of it.   She says she enjoyed it mostly.

      My admiration of her ability to adjust and survive in spite of her fears is quite high.   I think she did quite well.   We’re still together.   However, she sometimes quips that living with me drives her crazy.   Quip?

     Randy Ford

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