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Randy-A writer on the risk of taking a stand

      Feelings of betrayal seem inevitable after Obama chose Rev. Rick Warren to give the Invocation at his Inauguration.   As a rational man, he obviously had his reasons.   However, that doesn’t diminish my disappointment.   After Clinton’s move to the right, I should’ve expected the same pragmatism from Obama; after all he is a politician.

      Writers, I think, are generally passionate and their attitudes reflect this.   My political bias came from Daddy Ford, my grandfather, except I’m more radical than he was.   Clinton, no longer president and in power, has become marginal, while his stature remains high.   He is praised for “welfare reform” (welfare as we knew it was vilified and deemed falsely a failure by so many people); berating big government, he joined his political opponents and in the end abandoned the left.  I voted for Obama as an enlightened politician, an agent of change and a representative of the powerless.   Now I am not so sure.   And he’s not even in office yet.

      Writers need the strength to speak out when they have something to say even though speaking out may have adverse consequences.   There is always a risk; that is always the case whenever a writer chooses to publish something.   What is true for a political stand is true for all kinds of writing.   The writer uses his or her skills, finds confidence enough to show them off, but then has to live with the consequences.


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