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Randy-a writer asks “why lament?”

      It was to awaken my consciousness that I left the theater in 1971.   I also heard the call of adventure.   My wife and I bought bicycles in Malaka Malaysia and planned to tour South East Asia with them.   The touring, in various legs and by various means, lasted at least three years: we ended our journey in Vienna Austria and worked where we could: Vienna and Bangkok.   My goal was to experience as much as I could.   I intended to use it all later.   But my interest in other things kept me from using most of it; and then I began helping people.   The newly disabled, the developmental disabled, the mentally ill, the homeless, and children who were abused: when jobs working with these groups were offered me I took them.   But they were more than jobs to me.   I was interested in creating new approaches and programs.   I saw need everywhere; transitioning homeless people in Tucson became my legacy; I developed my methodology for investigating child abuse with the hope that it would become the standard.   But sometimes my effort seemed wasted, and in the end, from where I now sit, I’m not sure that I left anything of lasting value (which could be frustrating except now I have a new mission.   For the past three years I have been busy trying to develop a community arts center named El Ojito Springs after the origin of Tucson.)

      The scope of all of this has been wide, spanning a big portion of my life, but I have been so busy that I haven’t focused on my writing to the extent that I wanted.   I’ve approached the various lives that I have lived with great passion and that seems to have been part of the problem and why I haven’t concentrated on my writing.   If I had been less passionate, maybe I could’ve given more effort where I intended to.   When I’ve approached other people with this lament, they generally have pointed to all I have accomplished and have shown little sympathy.

Randy Ford

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