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Randy-writer thinks about where honesty counts

       My father never went to college: he instead responded to our nation’s call to fight a war.   He wanted to fly airplanes but he married my mother, which ruined his chances.   Rules then kept married men on the ground, or that’s what I think.   There was no doubt that he could fix anything and why he made an excellent aircraft mechanic.   Less understandable was why I later told a girl friend of mine that he was an airline pilot and maintained that lie as long as I went out with her.

      I don’t know why, in certain areas, even when the truth was as impressive as the lie, I had a hard time distinguishing the difference between truth and fiction.   But I feel that, through my writing, I now have a legitimate outlet for stretching the truth; that is as long as I’m not deceiving anyone, especially myself.   What was once a fault, I view as an asset.   Yet I need to be careful.   In the final analyzes, I think writers, if nothing else, need to be honest about their reactions to their work.   I think that’s necessary for the creation of something fresh.

      I am always concerned with maintaining my individuality and how to do that.   My reading and studying Paul Baker, specifically his INTEGRATION OF ABILITIES: EXERCISES FOR CREATIVE GROWTH, has given me exercises that help.   But it is still entirely up to me, which I accept; and with this course in my background (I’ve taken it three times and read the book), I’ve continued to be a creative person throughout my life.    Right now, this minute, I want to stop writing this blog and start a new project I have been thinking about for over a week.   I am very excited about it.   I have visualized myself doing it; I’ve talked to myself about it; and I have the first word.   That word is “NOW.”   Now I have an hour before I have to be somewhere.   Now I will have to be honest about the work; honest about the parts I like and the parts I don’t.  Then prune.  So let me get started.   It’s the only way to be productive.   Randy Ford

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