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Randy-a writer on making space for an epiphany

      Over the last few months I’ve been looking for something that I hadn’t defined.   I couldn’t name it, which didn’t matter, as long as I continued to have an inner dialogue about it.  I know what it is now, for I have had a few of them come to me since I started looking; the results have amounted to aesthetic experiences that have been both exciting and personal.   Nothing like this has happened to me in a long time, nothing that would constitute an “epiphany” (the name I was looking for), and I can see now that it hadn’t come to me quickly.   And if I had been looking for results I don’t think I would have had any of these ideas, ideas I consider my own and to me seem quite remarkable.   I can imagine how skeptics among you might be thinking “oh, yeah,” and yet I am unwilling to make public these ideas without first testing them and seeing what other “epiphanies” might emerge.   But for now, it is the process that I am writing about, that I took time to make room for thought  (or to have an on-going inner dialogue): yes, working in isolation, I didn’t rush it.

      I will use the acting methods I’ve developed.   They seem sound to me and have so far worked with the few students I have tried them out on.   But I am not in the mood to give them away.   In the right setting, I would be willing to start training people in the methods.   Frankly, I don’t know where to start.   I have the ideas for a product.   But I don’t have the how.   And I think my epiphanies can also be applied to writing, as the impetus for them came from that endeavor.   Ideas rarely come out of the air.   As Frank Lloyd Wright said, they come from “the mind, the heart, and the head.”

I want to move on. Randy Ford

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