Matt Freese-comment on writing a short story

     Randy, I got it.   You are telling the story or reminiscence to yourself.   If your goal is to write a memoir or a personal essay, so be it and appropriate; however, it is a very rare story that does not have dialogue to advance it.   It was Poe who argued in his essays on short story writing that everything that appears extraneous to the aim of the story must be jettisoned; that a story has to have a bullseye as its end.   That is why if you read the House of Usher it will fall apart if your remove any paragraph.   The writer’s goal is to be a lapidary which is brutally hard because it requires concision; my stories are faulted sometimes because I leave so much out; and that is why poetry itself is the most perfect form if in the hands of the great poet. In short stories the cliched rule is that less is more, but how to determine that is the artist’s holy grail. consequently I try to come up with a terrifi first sentence and then a terrific ending sentence — and sometimes when the gods are good to me, I compose both those sentences before the story is written — see “I am rectum” in the Tetralogy and the last word is “Amen.” Enough.   Hope you get my story and respond to it.

Matt Freese 


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2 responses to “Matt Freese-comment on writing a short story

  1. are you the Matt Freese who 33 years ago sent me TRNSACTIONS, which I just discovered in packing my books? Very special.

  2. To learn more about Matt Freese click on Mathias B. Freese under MY FAVORITE WEBSITE. This will take you to his blog site. He is an excellent writer. Randy Ford

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