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Remember –“The forces for mediocrity”… There’s a myth that all you need to do is outline your vision and prove it’s right—…….

Marketing Wisdom –

From New York Times best selling author and marketing expert Seth Godin, from his blog.


Too good to be true (the overnight millionaire scam) Are There Online Ripoffs – Yes, Online Ripoffs Are Rife. So Now What? Posted on Booktrade.info   Amazing what you can find searching the Internet.

TIPS for WRITERS –I‘ve always been an advocate for truth in publishing. Unfortunately too many people are making lots of money selling products and services that do nothing but offer false promises. We need to fight back, read my short article How Do We Avoid the Rip-offs? Or you cut and paste the following http://www.writersreaders.com/blog.php?thebid=219 .

Question to Consider –

Reader Comments on LuLu.com


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Nadine Laman http://www.NadineLamanBooks.comNadine Laman is an author, social worker, and former expert witness.

You’re Going To Love This One –The Editor’s Response –

Commentary –

It’s not possible to avoid every single author/editor/publisher problem, however, you can avoid most. My book was written with exactly these kind of situations in mind. It gives you a behind the scene look at the major publishers and offers an example of how to avoid these problems. I outline questions to ask and I give you enough information to understand the answers. It’s a small investment of $19.99 that could save you from the frustration of what this author has gone through, not to mention lost sales. You can purchase exclusively on my web site

Worth Your Time, Check It Out –

Jeff Rivera the award-winning author of Forever My Lady (Grand Central) and MediaBistro journalist has officially launched GumboWriters.com.

GumboWriters.com is a new online blog experience for writers, both aspiring and seasoned, to find over 100 exclusive blogs and interviews with today’s top agents, editors, authors, publishing executives, and articles on how to land an agent, query letters that worked, how to promote books using zero cost techniques and much much more.

GumboWriters.com is also offering a free ebook of over 30 Query Letters that Worked! to the first 50 writers who respond to join gumbowriters@googlegroups.com. (This has a $99 value) Each of these query letters managed to spark the interest of at least 20 literary agents and some of the query letters in this ebook had over 100 request from agents.

The Headlines –

Cautious praise for Google’s settlement with authors

By Marjorie Kehe of The Christian Science Monitor

Google calls its Book Search project.

Carolyn Reidy, chief executive of Simon & Schuster

The New York Times.

NBlog –Nothing Binding offers a free book review for any author who becomes a member. However, there have been some problems we need to overcome. Check it out at http://www.nothingbinding.com/blog/jerry.

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My PUBLISHING INSIDER blog (NBlog) is available for subscription, here is the link: http://www.nothingbinding.com/blog/jerry

Book Awards –

If you haven’t tried one your should, I recommend the

Indie Excellence Awards, now accepting submissions. Here is the website, check it out


Interesting Articles About Authors & Publishing –

Turn a new leaf in life and write a book

Ask the Book Doctor – A new segment written by Bobbie Christmas
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The Prediction –Bootcamp for Novelists

– WRITING POPULAR FICTION – Instructor: Connie Flynn
Do you have a novel in your filing cabinet that’s been collecting rejections? Or maybe you stuffed it in a drawer and gave up hope. The Bootcamp 4 Writers was designed for you. Bring you book (or at least the outline), a pen, and your rolled up sleeves. By the end of the day, you’ll see why your characters and plot broke down, and have all the pieces to put it together and write a winning novel..
DATE: Saturday, December 6, 2009. TIME: 9:00am to 5:00pm
LOCATION: Scottsdale
TELEPHONE: 480-946-7321 EMAIL: bootcamp for novelists@cox.net
REGISTRATION FEE: $85.00 – Pay by November 20 and take a $10 discount
Go to www.connieflynn.com/bootcamp.html for registration form.
Mail registration to Connie Flynn, 1739 N. Miller Road, Scottsdale AZ 85257.

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