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Randy-on the creative process

      You have to bring yourself up after you’ve found what you want to do. First assignment in drama at Baylor University, and even for someone with no theater experience like me, was to present something dramatic for the whole class. Other students, started in high school, and wanting to become actors, were used to getting up in front of people. They presented monologues from plays and had the benefit of having acted before.

     I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t think of anything. I had to come up with something (“To be or not to be-that is the question). And after procrastinating until the last moment, I did what! I placed a chair in the center of the stage, sat down on it, and stared at audience members. I waited, and they waited for me to do something. But I did nothing. (I’ve since learned the importance of doing nothing for an actor on stage; however that wasn’t the object of that first assignment.) Eventually I couldn’t stand it any longer and did something; I started imitating people in the audience. I don’t think we were graded.


      My point here is that the creative urge can come from anything; that makes everything a possibility. And there have been other incidents of this that I can point to: a trash can placed over someone’s head, from squash to rock-squash for a name of a piece, the lip of the stage as an acting area, sounds from the guts of a piano (and recently the idea of placing a three-story art piece on top a three-story building), all came from unexpected impulses. But you have to be open to them. You can’t cut yourself off from those instant flashes of creativity. You have to bring them forward or else they will be lost. You have to be interest in them as material, and also use them.
My thoughts this evening, Randy Ford


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News from the Arizona Book Publishing Association of Southern Arizona-Book Fair, Holiday Party, Annual Conference

Friends and Members of the Arizona Book Publishing Association in Southern Arizona: * November 16: SSA Holiday Book Fair * December 3: ABPA Holiday Party * February 28, 2009: ABPA Annual Conference --------- * November 16: SSA Holiday Book Fair 12-4 PM, Four Points Sheraton, Tucson "Get your Holiday shopping done early" Instead of our normal forum, SSA will hold its Fourth Annual Holiday Book Fair at the Four Points Sheraton Conference Center from Noon until 4pm,featuring two Award-Winning Guest authors: Rhys Bowen (IMBA #1 best Seller HER ROYAL SPYNESS, THE ROYAL PAIN, Molly Murphy Mysteries) and Virginia Nosky (BLUE TURQUOISE, WHITE SHELL-IPPY Gold Medal, First place Glyph trophy Arizona Book Publishing Association). This event is open to the public. To attend and is a fabulous venue to sell your books. We will have door prizes to give away to the public and a fun Holiday atmosphere to get them in the gift-buying mood. But it's up to YOU, SSA Members, to make this a great success! Tell everyone you know to come and find that unique gift for someone special. All genres will be represented-Children's Books, Mysteries, Romance, Historicals, Non-fiction-so there will be something for everyone. Don't forget-no forum, just BOOK FAIR! Sunday, November 16, noon till 4PM at the Four Points Conference Center, 1900 East Speedway (At Campbell) Tucson. 


------------ * December 3: ABPA Holiday Party 5:30 p.m., Burton Barr Central Library-4th Floor, 1221 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ Potluck Celebration Event! Registration (by Nov. 28): $10 per person Register: www.AZBookPub.com Please bring a dish to share. Utensils will be provided. Advance payment is required; no refunds after the registration deadline. Season's Greetings from ABPA! http://azbookpub.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/2008hpflyer.pdf ------------ *

     February 28, 2009: ABPA Annual Conference "Realities of Publishing: Preparing for Changes in the Industry" Jobing.com,

4747 N. 22nd St. #100, Phoenix, Arizona The Arizona Book Publishing Association presents: In today's economy, publishers must work smarter to create a more successful company. Making smart choices about editing, design, production and printing puts you on the right path. But what about distribution, electronic publishing and foreign rights? Discover the latest on how publishers can create best-selling products and market them to earn a better bottom line at this year's ABPA annual conference. Mark your calendar now for February 28, 2009 (moved from October), and join us! For advertising opportunities at the Conference, please contact Penny Callmeyer 623-465-8760 cpennyc@msn.com. http://azbookpub.com/events/annual-conference/


----------- Robert Casler, ABPA So. Arizona Chapter Chair

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