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Jerry D. Simmons-Topics from the Novemeber 6, 2008 Tips for Writers from the Publishing Insider eNewsletter

Jerry D. Simmons- Topics from the November 6, 2008 – TIPS for WRITERS from the PUBLISHING INSIDER eNewsletter.

For content go to WritersReaders.com.

 LuLu.com – does business without regard to the authors they supposedly service and profit

Question to Consider –

Marketing Wisdom – From New York Times bestselling author and marketing expert Seth Godin, from his blog.

 Who’s telling you the truth about your online personal marketing? NBlog – Free Subscription –

My PUBLISHING INSIDER blog (NBlog) is available for subscription, here is the link: http://www.nothingbinding.com/blog/jerry TIPS for WRITERS –

Can You Spot Opportunities? by clicking the title or cut and paste the following http://www.writersreaders.com/blog.php?thebid=218.

Book Awards – www.indieexcellence.com.

 Did You Know If you are considering one and would like professional help, contact me, I have the perfect person for you jerry@writersreaders.com .

The Headlines –

Issues “WORTH READING” in the publishing business.

The Future of Publishing by Peter Osnos, The Century Foundation Commentary –

 Interesting Articles About Authors & Publishing –

How to publish without a publisher By Diane Evans McClatchy Newspapers (www.mctdirect.com)

Make Yourself A Success Story –

Today Show Producer Gives Tips for Authors Interesting Fact –

Books Industry is still Growing in 2008

The Prediction –

 New Way to Sell Books –

You Tube Unveils Ecommerce Platform –

Based on the Above Fact – Now you can get a 90-Second Web Trailer for under $400. If you are interested in promoting yourself through a professionally designed web trailer, now is the time. For more details contact me jerry@writersreaders.com .

Special Audio Book Production Offer – . http://www.ravenaudiobooks.com/statistics.html or visit their web site http://www.ravenaudiobooks.com, you can reach John by phone 623.215.8654.

Another Special Offer –

Upcoming Book Fair – Sunday November 16th from noon to 4:00, SSA will be holding a BOOK FAIR at the Sheraton Four Points Conference Center, 1900 E. Speedway, Tucson. Admission is FREE, there will be door prizes and refreshments. In addition to 60 local authors, award-winning authors Rhys Bowen and Virginia Nosky, are featured. Don’t miss it! For more information contact judejb@comcast.net.

Mark Your Calendars – BOOTCAMP FOR NOVELISTS: WRITING POPULAR FICTION – Instructor: Connie Flynn

My Services – I have 30 years of publishing experience and offer a complete line-up of professional services. For more details click here. Or cut and paste the following link: http://www.writersreaders.com/blog.php?thebid=212.

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Connie Flynn-Bootcamp For Novelists: Writing Popular Fiction

      Mark Your Calendars –BOOTCAMP FOR NOVELISTS: WRITING POPULAR FICTION – Instructor: Connie Flynn


      Do you have a novel in your filing cabinet that’s been collecting rejections?   Or maybe you stuffed it in a drawer and gave up hope.   The Bootcamp 4 Writers was designed for you.   Bring you book (or at least the outline), a pen, and your rolled up sleeves.   By the end of the day, you’ll see why your characters and plot broke down, and have all the pieces to put it together and write a winning novel.

DATE: Saturday, December 6, 2009. TIME: 9:00am to 5:00pm
LOCATION: Scottsdale Arizona
TELEPHONE: 480-946-7321 EMAIL: bootcamp for novelists@cox.net
REGISTRATION FEE: $85.00 – Pay by November 20 and take a $10 discount
Go to www.connieflynn.com/bootcamp.html for registration form.
Mail registration to Connie Flynn, 1739 N. Miller Road, Scottsdale AZ 85257.

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