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Randy-the impetus for writing-courage

I started reading plays because I thought it would be easier reading than reading other things. I didn’t know about subtext or that if a play were any good action had to be inherent in the dialogue. In drama there is always more to it than what is on the page; of course it is inclusive of all the creative energy of all the people (actors, director, technical people) involved in a production of it. I had to visualize the piece staged; but that might seem impossible for someone who had never seen a stage play. (I grew up on television and AS THE WORLD TURNS and GUIDING LIGHT.) So if a play doesn’t really come to life until it is mounted on stage by a combination of artists, how did I get very far? Well, I got as far as I could; and I didn’t associate until later the written play with theater. (It wasn’t until later that I learned that theater was the one place where all the arts come together.) I actually read very little. My ego got in the way; I showed off by writing. Luckily a teacher confiscated my work (“stuff” then because I dashed it off) and didn’t know what to do with it. The writing was alien for Irving High School; so the teacher pointed me in the direction of the Dallas Theater Center, and I had the courage to go.

Creative work, according to Frank Lloyd Wright, is a combination of “the hand, the heart, and the mind.” To have discovered that on my own would’ve been impossible for me; walking into a Wright designed theater had to have been a start for me, though I’m sure I wasn’t aware of it. It was in fact the beginning of a very long journey that continues today, a journey full of surprises. Even this morning when faced with the task of writing this blog, I didn’t know what I was going to write and it required courage and faith to start with “I started reading plays because…” It was stepping into that building and my rejection of the familiar that led to drama and my going to Baylor and Trinity; and the rest, as they say, is history, my history.

With all the options available to me then, why did I choose drama? I certainly didn’t have a desire to perform on stage, though performing in other ways wasn’t out of character for me. Those snippets of dialogue, which I wrote during study hall, I’m sure didn’t survive (though I honestly I don’t know because I have boxes of unrelated scribbling). It was through my teachers that I gained the insight about the creative process that I have (Paul Baker and Eugene McKinney in particular). Now I know I owe more to my dad than I have readily admitted; he enjoyed making things with his hands from scratch and later after retiring enjoyed creating skits for his travel club (I didn’t have the privilege of seeing any of them.) But besides these influences, by and large, I have been on my own. Even today my family doesn’t read what I write; but I can’t afford to read too much into that.

Good morning, Randy Ford

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Guitar Summit at New El Ojito Springs Location

Gabriel Ayala

Gabriel Ayala

“Concierto a La Alhambra de Tucson” presented by El Ojito Springs at ArtFare, 39 N. 6th Avenue, Tucson Arizona. Featuring the following guitarists: Gabriel Ayala: Tango/Flamenco, Jocelyn Celaya: Radical Classical, Andres Lemons: Flamenco. Three Genres in one night ending with a collaboration of all three styles. September 12, 2008 at 7:30 pm, tickets available at the door-$15 or -$10 in advance. A Master Class will be presented on September 13, 2008. $25 if you wish to perform for evaluation (limited number of tickets available) or $10 to audit. Visit www.elojitosprings.com for more information.

Gabriel Ayala, who will be playing classical, flamenco and tango guitar, performs regularly throughout the United States and has appeared at the Kennedy Center for the Arts, National Museum for the American Indian, ASU Keer Cultural Center, and Meyer Theatre in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  He has been recognized by the State of Arizona and Governor Janet Napolitano for his musical achievements and has been named a Tucson Citizen of the Month as well as Artist of the Month for the IICOC (Indigenous Internet Chamber of Commerce). Ayala resides in Tucson, Arizona.

Ayala’s first CD, “Gabriel Ayala,” was nominated for a Native American Music Award, Best Independent Recording in 2003. Ayala’s most recent release, 2008 “Tango!” includes many original arrangements by Ayala and was released by Canyon Records. Gabriel’s website is www.ayalaguitarist.com

Jocelyn Celaya is a Radical Classical guitarist and vocalist, born in San Diego, Ca and Rosarito, Mexico. She performs a unique fusion of methods and styles that have a classical foundation and combines this with her own brand of vocal accompaniment. She has toured Europe and has played for Queen Elizabeth twice, the second time by special invitation. Her website is www.jocelyncelaya.net

Jocelyn Celaya

Jocelyn Celaya

Andrés Perches Lemons started playing flamenco guitar nine years ago. However, his first interest in music was the electric guitar, which he began playing at age 12. Andrés has visited and studied in Sevilla, Spain. Andrés has performed with several Flamenco ensembles and accompanies Flamenco Singers/Dancers on a regular basis. Besides flamenco, Andrés has an interest in jazz, Brazilian music, and rock. You can contact him via his myspace account at: http://www.myspace.com/andreslemons

Andres Lemons

Andres Lemons

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